Treasures from the Depths of

Are you feeling a bit down in the dumps? Don’t worry. At least you’re not writing fan fiction. Right? Here are a few excerpts from the best of the worst at Forget It Justin Beiber could have any girl he wanted, except for this one. He’ll try anyways. I wiped my mouth then drunk […]

Two Handle Bathroom Faucet

No Excuse Not to Wash Your Hands Now

I solved the “my hands are dirtier after I wash them than before” excuse that some people use for not washing up. Soon you will have no excuses left. Get on this design, Moen and American Standard! (original photo from Listener42)

Fringe Festival Rush

The Minnesota Fringe Festival can get a bit wild at times. There are so many theatrical shows going on all over the place all of the time that people can get a bit flustered and grumpy. And a 95 degree 70% humidity sort of day doesn’t help spoiled patience one bit. Combine these factors with […]