I Will Find The Crunch Cone

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I want the big one! by Ben SparkThere is a product at Dairy Queen known as the Crunch Cone. It is a simple soft serve ice cream cone covered in a topping known as Crunch Coat. Crunch Coat is made up of sprinkles, crushed peanuts, and magic crunchy things that can’t be explained. It is a fantastic treat and rare find.

You see, if a Dairy Queen franchise does offer the Crunch Cone, it usually can’t be found on the menu. You need to special order it, like you’re a celebrity. And the majority of Dairy Queens don’t even carry Crunch Coat any longer.

So, my mission is clear. To find the Dairy Queens across the Twin Cities metro area that carry the Crunch Cone. Calling and asking if they have the Crunch Cone is cheating. I will go there, ask, purchase, and take a picture with this magnificent and little known dessert.

If you have found a Dairy Queen that carries the Crunch Cone, feel free to take your own picture and add it to the Flickr group. I’ll spread the word.

Let’s get to work, people. Summer is winding down!

(Edit 2012-05-29)
I have figured out how to make the Google Map, with crunch cone locations, open to editing by anyone. So go nuts and add the locations you have found! http://bit.ly/crunchcone

[Photo by Ben Spark]


  1. 1-20-2013

    Had one today in Tucson Arizona!!

  2. 2-28-2013

    Garden City, KS has the crunch cone. Have one their every time I pass through!

  3. 7-7-2013

    Pinckneyville IL
    Nashville IL
    Flora IL

    All have Crunch Coat Cones. It is called a “Twinkle Cone” in Flora IL.

  4. 7-27-2013

    Miamisburg OH
    Downtown location

  5. 7-27-2013

    Miamisburg OH
    Downtown location

  6. 7-29-2013

    Looking for twinkle/crunch coat in Virginia

  7. 8-5-2013

    I get my Crunch Cones at the DQ in West Mifflin PA. I don’t recall ever going to a DQ that *didn’t* have them.

  8. 8-8-2013

    DQ in rosemount has the crunch cone! Just got one last night!

  9. 8-16-2013

    Benton, IL
    FYI-you can also order a Crunch Blizzard!

  10. 9-14-2013

    ALL DQ’s do NOT have them. In fact southern DQ’s have never heard of them at all !

  11. 10-3-2013

    Andover, Anoka, and Coon Rapids DQ has crunch cones. I get it every time I am there.

  12. 3-22-2014

    This is so funny! I thought this was just a Jersey shore thing. I grew up in NJ and the only place I ever had this stuff was at local shops (not DQs) on NJ boardwalks and in small shore towns. I was told years ago that there was only 1 company that made this stuff and they’d discontinued it. So even though places on the web claim to sell it, I’ve been apprehensive about buying it because my guess is that the stuff people are selling is probably pretty old…ew

  13. 5-15-2014

    Bonner Spring, KS

  14. 6-28-2014

    Cumberland, WI, serves crunch cones. Even better they are one of the few places that will do a dip crunch cone!

  15. 7-5-2014

    Abilene, KS right off I-70 if you ever find yourself making the awesome drive across the great state of Kansas


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