I Will Find The Crunch Cone

I want the big one! by Ben SparkThere is a product at Dairy Queen known as the Crunch Cone. It is a simple soft serve ice cream cone covered in a topping known as Crunch Coat. Crunch Coat is made up of sprinkles, crushed peanuts, and magic crunchy things that can’t be explained. It is a fantastic treat and rare find.

You see, if a Dairy Queen franchise does offer the Crunch Cone, it usually can’t be found on the menu. You need to special order it, like you’re a celebrity. And the majority of Dairy Queens don’t even carry Crunch Coat any longer.

So, my mission is clear. To find the Dairy Queens across the Twin Cities metro area that carry the Crunch Cone. Calling and asking if they have the Crunch Cone is cheating. I will go there, ask, purchase, and take a picture with this magnificent and little known dessert.

If you have found a Dairy Queen that carries the Crunch Cone, feel free to take your own picture and add it to the Flickr group. I’ll spread the word.

Let’s get to work, people. Summer is winding down!

(Edit 2012-05-29)
I have figured out how to make the Google Map, with crunch cone locations, open to editing by anyone. So go nuts and add the locations you have found! http://bit.ly/crunchcone

[Photo by Ben Spark]


  1. Brandon says

    Just had one tonight – Show Low AZ has had them my whole life (33 years) – and I have always enjoyed them.

  2. Kelli says

    Denver Colorado DQ Crunch Cone Location. THEY HAVE THE CRUNCH CONE!
    Leetsdale & Quebec 7150 Leetsdale Drive #412 Denver CO 80224 303-322-7254

    Not listed on the menu you have to ask for the holy grail.

  3. Michelle says

    Crunch Cone Topping Located!

    I am a fellow crunch cone nut – pun intended – and have been missing this since they discontinued it YEARS ago and freaked out when I got a tip that it was still available.

    I got a 6 lb box. They recommend freezing it because it’s a nut product, which I did. It has lasted me a long time.

    I had a relative get it for me from the following. This is a wholesale supplier, so they don’t normally sell to the public.

    The official product is Sprinkle King Almond 42394 – 6 lb box:

    Farner Co Inc

    Address: 600 E Norfolk Ave
    Norfolk, NE,
    Phone: 402-371-2662
    Fax: 402-371-8610

    Wholesales Confectionery Vending Machine Operator Piece and part vending machines, Prepared to order food vending machines, Service and ticket vending machines, Currency vending machines, Vending machines, Liquid vending machines, Confectionary products, Chocolate or chocolate substitute candy.

    Good luck! Also google Sprinkle King and see what you get.


  4. Ann says

    I had a large vanilla crunch cone last night is Lima, OH at the DQ! Both Lima locations carry crunch cones!! I recommend the vanilla over the chocolate. Delicious!

  5. Tina says

    The crunch cone is my absolute favorite. I grew up in NW IN and until we moved to TX in the 80’s, I was not aware this was not available everywhere. I go to IN to visit about every two years and the first place I stop is DQ in Schererville to satisfy my crunch cone fix. I smile as I write this because my family and I are flying out tomorrow morning and I will have my crunch cone by mid-afternoon. It has been 2 years!!!!!

  6. NANCY HANKE says

    Had one Mesa, AZ on main st. near the Mesa Arts Theatre….flooding me with memories of my childhood, I too have joined the search …and I am contacting my local dairy queen with my desperate request, per the advice of Dairy Queen corporate offices, satting that each are independently owned, and have to make theat choice to order and serve on their menu…..

  7. Diana says

    Lincoln NE has it at the 38th & South location. But they won’t sell it. My sister that is going thru chemo treatments is craving it…so I wanted to buy her a big jar of it…let me know if you find anyone that sells it!! They don’t have it in Texas where she lives.

  8. Adam says

    I just fly home to Michigan from California and went to the only place I have ever known to always have crunch cote, and THEY DON’T CARRY IT ANYMORE! I didn’t want to do it, but I am going to order some for myself from a wholesaler and just keep it at home.

    The question is, if so many people like it this much, why not carry it???

  9. Maria says

    I just had a Krunch Kreamer today. There is a small, local place called The Cone Barn, in Roxana, IL. I grew up there and now live about 15 miles away. They have never stopped selling the Krunch coating (yes, they have always spelled it with a K). They now have an item called the Krunchy Kreamer, which is either chocolate or vanilla ice cream with LOTS of Krunch mixed in. So sort of like a blizzard. Oh, it is SOOOO good. When I worked at Dairy Queen in 1986, I would fix my own Blizzard before I left and I always used vanilla ice cream (we only had vanilla then) chocolate sauce, lots of Krunch and a small amount of malt. So good! I’m going to try the address that was given above for Sprinkle King Almond product. I hope it works.

  10. Maria says

    Guess what? Just found a facebook page for crunch coating. They confirmed that is mostly found in the midwest and is sometimes called Krunch Kote (as I just posted). This is the ORIGINAL guys! I’m ordering some right now!

  11. JW says

    Just had to have one tonight. For a while I lived in Missouri and they thought I was crazy when I asked for the crunch cone. I love the stuff! The first thing I did when I moved back was treating myself to one. I actually had one tonight. Here are the places that I know have it:

    Galesburg, IL and Washington, IL

    Good luck!

  12. Lydia C says

    I live in Florida & my first stop when I go home to Indiana is the DQ in Terre Haute for a massive dose of this elusive yum. Can’t find a DQ in Florida or on the entire trip up that carries it other than Terre Haute & a little further north in Clinton, IN. I personally refuse to give my business to any DQ–even my local one–who does not carry this nostalgic treat. (hmmm….that sounded rather scholarly…)

  13. kelly b says

    Anyone know where you can find a fabulous DQ crunch cone in the North Texas area? I used to get these all the time as a kid in Papillion, NE. We were just talking about them tonight and got me thinking… Go search the Web! Thanks

  14. jjamerb says

    Went to Marshfield Mo. DQ and ordered a crunch cone for myself and my kids. Told them that its the greatest cone ever created. They have never had one and on a whim we went to get some.

    Well, sadly they had no idea what i was talking about. Even the manager has never heard of the Crunch Cone.

    Sadly we pulled away with chocolate dipped cones. And they were nothing after craving a crunch cone.

  15. KFNG says

    Crunch Cones are available at both the Kewanee IL and the Charleston IL Dairy Queens. My sisters used to use a straw to shoot the crunches at each other.

  16. Tracy says

    I grew up in Rantoul IL and always got a crunch cone at our local DQ. My parents just visited there last week and bought me a cup full for a quarter. No crunch cones in KY that I have found. Thanks for posting this! Let’s start a campaign . . .

  17. Tara says

    DQ in Flora, IL have Crunch cones, sadly I live in TN and don’t believe there are any crunch cones in TN!!!

  18. Tami says

    DQ in Bremen, IN, has crunch coat! had it last night in a blizzard with extra stuff – to die for good!

  19. Rachel says

    I am equally obsessed with Crunch Coat & here are the DQ’s I have visited that serve the yummy stuff
    Brooklyn Park
    West End/ St.Louis Park
    Onamia (Mille Lacs)
    Forest Lake
    Maple Grove
    Coon Rapids
    & Anoka

  20. Kevin says

    Krunch Kote (sp.?) cones were my favorite in mid-Missouri during the 70’s but I haven’t had one in decades. I now live in Kansas City and would love for someone to share which KC area DQ’s have Crunch Cones at (or any independent ice cream shops).

  21. says

    HEY EVERYONE! I HAVE A GREAT FIND! I, like all the other crunch cone a-holicics out there, was on a mission to find my also favorite ice cream treat from my past. Being from El Reno Oklahoma, I would order a crunch-CUP instead of a cone…guess why…the cup held a lot more of the crunch. I would have them put the crunch in the bottom of the cup first, then a small soft ice cream twist, topped off and filled with the crunch. THE MORE CRUNCH THE BETTER!
    http://www.crunchcoat.com is where I found THE STUFF! But the best news is that the chief (also a crunch cone a-holic) mastered replicating it to a flawless tee! Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, it did. There are not the preservatives in his, and it tastes even better. Believe it!!
    I am calling my old friend back home in El Reno that owns Sid’s Diner (known for their onion burgers and conies) to let him in on my great find. He could not get the crunch for his cones any longer from his supplier. He will be happy to hear the great news!

  22. Bonnie says

    Ronan Montana. I live 8 hours away now and always have to drive to town for a crunch cone when visiting. They were out this last time.

  23. Lisa says

    Superior, AZ just closed their DQ, it had been open since the 50’s. They served cruch cones till the end. I stil have a cup of the coating.

  24. Jenni Montoya says

    Love the crunch cone! All the DQ’s in the metro area that I have been to have the crunchies. We order it all the time at the Farmington, MN one!

  25. Jayme Young says

    Love it! I frequently order it and recently they are always out. So of course I am craving it more since I can’t have it. I even add it to my Blizzards. Yummy I LOVE crunch cote. Hoping they have it on hand soon. We have 4 local Dairy Queens Erie, PA and they all carry it.

  26. Christina says

    Saw another post looking for this wonderful treat. msconcession.com
    You can order it in a 6 lb bag. I was so sad when I had a craving for a crunch cone while I was pregnant only to discover ours did not have it.

  27. Cook says

    Ha! Was telling the wife after we stopped in at the local DQ last night how I would always purchase the Crunch Cone when I was a kid and that I still crave it to no end. I’ll have to bug the DQ here til they get it.

  28. Tara says

    I see there are LOTS of fellow DQ Crunch Coat fans out there besides me! My fav is chocolate ice cream with Crunch Coat. Haven’t read any comments on the official Crunch Coat dispenser (like a gerbal wheel that dispenses Crunch Coat when turned). Ah, fond memories!

  29. Tara says

    ……forgot to add, I last had Crunch Coat in Scottsdale, AZ (N. Scottsdale Rd.) 4-5 years ago and Show Low, AZ near Sunrise ski resort.

  30. Linda Morina says

    Here is for all the east coast crunch fans, Don and Berts , its a local shop in Paulsboro, NJ been there forever. They used to have the wheel, thanks for reminding me. Now gotten out of a bin. Tastes just as great. I buy cups from them of it. Just had some a few minutes ago.

  31. Krunch Kote says

    Just found Krunch Kote at the Love’s travel stop in Ellis, KS – special order not on the menu. Yum!!!

  32. Matt D. says

    Pinckneyville IL
    Nashville IL
    Flora IL

    All have Crunch Coat Cones. It is called a “Twinkle Cone” in Flora IL.

  33. WMDQ says

    I get my Crunch Cones at the DQ in West Mifflin PA. I don’t recall ever going to a DQ that *didn’t* have them.

  34. Megan says

    This is so funny! I thought this was just a Jersey shore thing. I grew up in NJ and the only place I ever had this stuff was at local shops (not DQs) on NJ boardwalks and in small shore towns. I was told years ago that there was only 1 company that made this stuff and they’d discontinued it. So even though places on the web claim to sell it, I’ve been apprehensive about buying it because my guess is that the stuff people are selling is probably pretty old…ew

  35. Jane says

    Cumberland, WI, serves crunch cones. Even better they are one of the few places that will do a dip crunch cone!

  36. Mandy says

    Abilene, KS right off I-70 if you ever find yourself making the awesome drive across the great state of Kansas


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